Take a step into the weird! From aliens to murderers, hauntings and monsters, to strange history and everything in between, host JD Ross takes you on a weekly journey into all things weird!

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Soft Disclosure | RevealingThe Truth About Aliens

25 and alive! Welcome to the 25th episode of Weirdwide!  Aliens are invading the Weirdoverse again this week, we are discussing the slow and gradual reveal of extrater...

The Max Headroom Incident

Today we are getting weird 80's style as we head back to one of the strangest TV interruptions ever; The Max Headroom Incident!Hackers took over a live broadcast signa...

Apocalypse Watch | World War III, Asteroid Swarms, Venom/Fury

Another week, another look at existential threats to our little rock in space!On this Apocalypse Watch edition of Weirdwide we are looking at the potential lead up to ...

Tunes From Beyond | Songs Inspired by Visitors From Another World

This week in the Weirdoverse, we're cranking up the volume and looking to the skies!Weirdwide returns this week with a fun, and more laid-back topic; songs and music i...

Love & Murder | The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

Love and murder are in the air as JD covers the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre!

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