Take a step into the weird! From aliens to murderers, hauntings and monsters, to strange history and everything in between, host JD Ross takes you on a weekly journey into all things weird!

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Crop Circles | Elaborate Hoax or Alien Messages?!

This week JD dives into the weird phenomenon of Crop Circles!

Unhinged Movies | Eraserhead

JD is joined by The Ghost to look at the 1977 surrealist horror film, Eraserhead!

Behind The Mask | Real Life Vigilantes & Superheroes

A look at real life vigilantes & superheroes!

Naughty or Nice | The Dark Side of Christmas

A look at the more sinister legends of the Christmas season!

Come For Dinner | The Rotenburg Cannibal

A look at the life of notorious German cannibal, Armin Meiwes

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