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Soft Disclosure | RevealingThe Truth About Aliens

25 and alive! Welcome to the 25th episode of Weirdwide!  Aliens are invading the Weirdoverse again this week, we are discussing the slow and gradual reveal of extrater...

The Max Headroom Incident

Today we are getting weird 80's style as we head back to one of the strangest TV interruptions ever; The Max Headroom Incident!Hackers took over a live broadcast signa...

Apocalypse Watch | World War III, Asteroid Swarms, Venom/Fury

Another week, another look at existential threats to our little rock in space!On this Apocalypse Watch edition of Weirdwide we are looking at the potential lead up to ...

Tunes From Beyond | Songs Inspired by Visitors From Another World

This week in the Weirdoverse, we're cranking up the volume and looking to the skies!Weirdwide returns this week with a fun, and more laid-back topic; songs and music i...

Love & Murder | The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

Love and murder are in the air as JD covers the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre!

Apocalypse Watch | Doomsday Clock, Fungal Zombies, Rogue AI

The first in a new ongoing series focused on real world existential threats to humanity!

Crop Circles | Elaborate Hoax or Alien Messages?!

This week JD dives into the weird phenomenon of Crop Circles!

Unhinged Movies | Eraserhead

JD is joined by The Ghost to look at the 1977 surrealist horror film, Eraserhead!

Behind The Mask | Real Life Vigilantes & Superheroes

A look at real life vigilantes & superheroes!

Naughty or Nice | The Dark Side of Christmas

A look at the more sinister legends of the Christmas season!

Come For Dinner | The Rotenburg Cannibal

A look at the life of notorious German cannibal, Armin Meiwes

Celebrity Imposters | The Show Must Go On

The best celebrity imposters theories that the wackadoodles on the interwebs could come up with!

Alien Autopsy | The Footage That is Out of This World!

A look at the infamous Alien Autopsy of the mid 90s!

Unhinged Movies | Bartleby...I would Prefer Not To

A look into the unhinged movie, Bartleby!

Wild, Wild West | The Saga of Kanye West

The ever-insane story of Kanye West!

Pick a card | The Mysteries of Tarot

JD is joined by two witchy ladies to discuss tarot!

Halloween Special! | Ed & Lorraine Warren

A look at the OG Ghostbusters, Ed & Lorraine Warren!

Wait...Am I Real?! | A Look Into Deepfakes

JD dives into the strange realm of deepfakes!

You're On The Air | The Art Bell Area 51 Call

A look at the mysterious Area 51 caller on Coast to Coast am!

Discount Hitman | The Murder of Cory Voss

A look into the tragic and senseless murder of Cory Voss by his wife and her lover.

Jackpot! | A Brief History of The Lottery

History of the lottery, the mafia connections, and the curse of the lottery!

Parental Advisory | The PMRC vs Rock N Roll

The Weirdoverse gets metal this week, Weirdos!!!   JD is deep diving into one of music's biggest showdowns, the PMRC vs some very unlikely allies. Dee Snider, Frank ...

The Atomic Age | Duck And Cover

Deep dive into the Atomic Age!

Day of Reckoning | The Strange Rise & Fall of Papa John

JD deep dives into the weird rise & fall of Papa John!

First Contact | Take Me To Your Leader

Its all about aliens and first contact!

Trailer | Weirdwide Podcast

Jump into the Weirdoverse as host JD Ross takes you down a weekly rabbit hole of weirdness!

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