Welcome to Weirdwide, where nothing in the realm of weird is off limits!

Hosts JD Ross & Bethany Marshall take you down all the rabbit holes, exploring everything weird this world has to offer!

Get ready for murder, monsters, and little green men from space, but also subjects that you didn't even know you needed to know more about!

Weird events in history, odd customs, strange people, it is all on the table for dissection!

What would happen if you combined The Crypt Keeper and Jack Black? You would get JD Ross.

An eccentric weirdo since birth, JD has always had a love for all things strange and macabre, as well as a love for storytelling and entertaining.

JD brings a fun vibe to some of the weirdest tales ever told, aliens, killers, cryptids, strange history, and everything in between!

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Born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia, Bethany Marshall grew up hearing about strange and unexplained things, and for the most part thought they were just stories.

That is, until the night she experienced her own unexplained event, which led her down rabbit hole after rabbit hole of unexplained phenomena happening all over the world!

During the quarantines of 2020, she kept herself sane by feeding her hunger for researching weird and strange happenings, and hasn’t looked back!

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