A Satanic Concern | Devil, You In There?

A Satanic Concern | Devil, You In There?

So, you think every pop culture phenomenon is nothing more than safe, corporate developed, innocent fun to sell to the children.  Well according to some Evangelical Christians, that could not be further from the truth! It is more often than not, the dark power of Satan himself influencing your children through the power of subliminal messaging!

Today your favorite weirdos lower their own IQs to dive into the absolutely wackadoodle world of things that Christians have inexplicably found the devil in! Pokemon? Satanic.  Dungeons & Dragons? It's in the name, definitely Satanic.  That damn rock and roll music?! OBVIOUSLY Satanic! Even the Smurfs are apparently minions of the dark lord(ESPECIALLY Smurfette!)

Join us today as we blaspheme our way through the wacky world of finding the devil wherever we look! 

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