Love & Murder | The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

Love & Murder | The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre


Love and murder are in the air as JD covers the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre!
Valentine's Day is right around the corner, Weirdos!  Do you smell it? Smells like love...and whiskey...and gunpowder!

This week JD is diving into one of the most notorious gangland slayings of the 20th century, The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre!

Starting with how Prohibition, the outlawing of liquor in the US, set the scene for the rise of organized crime, to the key players whose beef would turn Chicago into a warzone, and how the situation came to a head for 7 people that fateful February morning.  Did Al Capone order the hit? Or was it the police? Or someone else entirely? Find out today!

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