Unhinged Movies | Eraserhead

Unhinged Movies | Eraserhead


JD is joined by The Ghost to look at the 1977 surrealist horror film, Eraserhead!
The time has come again to dive into strange cinema!

JD is joined again by The Ghost for a creepy edition of Unhinged Movies, diving into the 1977 surrealist horror film, Eraserhead!

Both JD & The Ghost consider themselves cinephiles, so it was odd that neither had seen this weird cult classic before, and after watching it, both are pretty sure that they understand it even less than they had before!

From the bleak & desolate atmosphere, to the use of eerie soundscapes in place of a score, to...whatever the baby is, and the creepy singing lady that lives in a radiator, David Lynch's black & white journey into madness is truly a strange viewing, and can only be an Unhinged Movie!

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